Amazon is one of the most famous e-commerce sites around us. It was launched in 1994, and established itself in recent years, and set the benchmark for e-commerce sites around the world – Sell Dropshipping.

What Is Dropshipping On Amazon?

Dropshipping on Amazon is when the supplier ships the product directly to the end customer. It is a very fashionable business model at the moment. This, therefore, implies that the seller of the product only buys the products from his supplier when he is sure to sell them. So of course there are a lot of advantages to using this technique.


How Do I Find A Product To Dropshipping On Amazon?

To find a product to sell by dropshipping on Amazon, you first have to ask yourself the right questions. Finding a product to dropshipping on Amazon takes time.

A good method (in theory) to be successful in dropshipping on Amazon is as follows: First, you will have to identify which products you can dropship.

There are two strategies for this.

Amazon Dropshipping Strategy 1

For this generally, you will differentiate yourself on the price.

That is to say that you will be offering products that are already sold with Amazon Prime at an unbeatable price, and you will therefore be able to capture sales on Amazon.

Amazon's strategic strength is its rapid delivery. A big stake in dropshipping.

In return for the low price, the delivery time will be longer. This is the first strategy you can use to sell drop products on Amazon.

Amazon Dropshipping Strategy 2

The second strategy you can use to dropshipping on Amazon is to offer products that no one else has on the marketplace yet.

To Identify Them, You Can Use Different Amazon Fba Tools.

You are therefore the only seller to offer this type of product and the customer has no choice but to order from you, even if your delivery times are long.

Understand the principle of drop shipping when selling on Amazon. First of all, an important fact to understand is that Amazon wants to keep a good image in the eyes of its customers.

That is, the customer who buys dropshipping on Amazon must have a good experience.

This Is Where The Bottom Hurts With Dropshipping:

How To Sell On Amazon Without Stock In Dropshipping?

Dropshipping on Amazon allows you to put lots of products for sale on Amazon without having to invest in stock.

It is true that the “criticism” that is often made of the Amazon FBA business model is that it is necessary to invest in stock.



The key to success is testing. If you don't go through a test phase, don't be surprised at your results! It's primordial. This will serve to bring out two or three different products. It is these products that will make your turnover. You can leave the other products on your online sales site. It will build customer trust and they don't cost you as much to leave them.

Dropshipping allows you to test as many products as you want. This is great. Every day you can add products to test them and find the winning products. If you stock up from the start you will spend money on quantities without knowing if they are going to sell well. 

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