There's plenty of room in the Seo Strategy industry for paid tools — Moz is a great example — but if you're just getting started or don't have the budget for sophisticated tools, there are still plenty of options.

We'll go through five of our favorite FREE Google tools and how they can help you improve your SEO game in this article.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that tracks search query “trends.” This makes it an excellent keyword research tool.

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Searching For New Keywords

You'll see a search box on Google Trends where you can type in a broad topic or a specialized search query. You'll see a trend chart of interest in the query over time once you've entered your query.

While this is valuable information, the true gems are towards the bottom of the page: Topics & Questions That Are Related

Both of these boxes will be set to “rising” by default. This indicates that these subjects and questions are increasing in popularity right now. These are the keywords you should target right away if you want to be a first-mover and achieve rankings immediately.

  1. Rising Retail Categories

Though it's nearly difficult to forecast what the Next Big Thing in e-commerce will be, Rising Retail Categories can help you keep on top of the game.

This is Google's retail data collection. On it, you'll find the most popular product categories, as well as the searches that surround them, as well as where they're trending.

As an e-commerce SEO Strategy, this might help you determine which products to target for the greatest impact.

  1. Visual Stories

Visual Stories are “bite-size visual stories for busy marketers, driven by popular themes and data from Google,” according to Google.

These stories cover a wide range of topics, including Christmas shopping trends, industry case studies, and more. They're interactive slides with a few key takeaways or data points on each.

There's a Visual Story about the automotive business, for example. Data points are presented throughout the article to provide insight into how the pandemic has impacted the car-buying process.

  1. Grow My Store

Grow My Store is an excellent tool for anyone who sells a product online or in person.  It checks websites for Google Identifiers for Online Store Success.

Product Information, Store Details, Personalization, Customer Service, and Security are the five types of IDs.

This tool essentially gives you Google's list of must-haves for a product-selling website. Product reviews, shopper profiles, live chat, and HTTPS are just a few of the features.

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  1. Test My Site

Test My Site is another excellent tool for determining your site's Google ranking. This site, like Grow My Store, looks for three very particular types of functionality on your site. Speed, Personalization, and Experience are three of these aspects. Test My Site, unlike Grow My Store, is for any website, not just product-based businesses.

The first report you'll receive from Test My Site is a brief summary of your mobile site's speed and any suggested improvements. There's even a calculator that will show you how much money you could save by speeding up your website! That's what I'm talking about when I say buy-in.

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