If you're anything like us, your major goal whenever you join WordPress themes is to earn rewards by promoting things so how you can awaken to anything like this – Affiliate Network.

Affiliate Sale Via Thinkific

Once you're out of mattress, you'll notice that you've earned $957.60 from such a single associate sale. Continue reading if you'd like to understand how to establish a weblog and get a piece of this $80 trillion market by 2020.

Affiliate programmes in common areas such as online marketing, web developers, VPNs, tourism, finance, style, beauty, & fitness are included on this listing.

Sports, entertainment, computer games, cryptocurrencies, and cannabis oil are among the newer verticals included.

I consider trying with WordPress assuming you don't already have a webpage to generate money through affiliate.

To get began building your affiliate link, read my article on what to build a weblog or my website hosting ratings.

Finally, Bluehost charges only $2.95 per month to set up a website.

So, why then should you believe my reviews of affiliate programmes?

I've worked as a Significate before becoming an Accredited Investor, and I've been on both sides.

Over the last few years, I've managed affiliate programmes for huge internet and SaaS companies. I established this business in 2019 upon seeing affiliates make a killing. And, as you can see from my Blogger Income Statistics, my blog currently earns me almost $80,000 every month.

Affiliate marketing accounts for over 80percentage points of such revenue, with over 100 distinct affiliate programmes contributing to the total.

First and foremost, I'd like to discuss my favourite, Fiverr. Fiverr is the greatest individual affiliate programme. While I discuss a variety of affiliate categories in this post, there's really one affiliate programme that covers everything and it is the most straightforward to advertise.

That's the place to go if you'd like to earn cash quickly and engage the greatest affiliate programmes in any field.

Fiverr Is The Affiliate Programme In Question

Banner for the Fiverr Affiliate Network

Fiverr is comparable to Amazon in terms of digital products.

Affiliates can receive additional as $150 CPA with each first-time customer or even to $1,000 each sale utilizing our $10 CPA/10 per cent revshare subscription algorithm after marketing these services.

Overall, Fiverr seems to be my favourite marketplace because it has over 250 divisions more than 3 million online platforms to promote.

The finest affiliate programme

As just a Fiverr associate, you can get started right away.

Let's get started on the complete list now.

Disclosure: Several of the products in this post are good signs, which means that if you click on them, I may receive a little profit at no added charge to anyone. I had, however, thoroughly reviewed each programme in this article and think they are perhaps the most effective for making affiliate cash. My full link disclosure may be found in my user agreement.

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Contents Table 

What Are the Most Powerful Affiliate Network?

Affiliate Programs for Virtual Private Network (VPNs)

Affiliated Programs for Websites

What Are the Best Affiliate Programs?

The Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Commissions

Travel Affiliate Programs

Finance & Credit Card Affiliate Network

Fitness Affiliate Programs

CBD-related affiliate programmes

Affiliate Programs are hot right now.

Gamers and Twitch Affiliate Programs

Music Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs


What Are the Most Powerful Affiliate Network?

Web hosting would be the first thing on the agenda, and it is among the most prominent affiliate marketing sectors on the planet.

1-A host is required for any new website.

As a result, the majority of affiliates who write about advertising, starting an internet company, or blogging initially join a website services affiliate programme.

Finally, web hosting businesses offer great affiliate programmes and rewards, that's why I put them first on my ranking.

The following are my recommendations for the best strong affiliate network.

2-Bluehost is a web hosting service.

Bluehost offers low-cost web hosting.

In the hosting industry, the Hostgator affiliate programme is highly popular. The price barrier seems low, as well as the rewards are significant, with the company name at $2.95/couple of weeks one and payments beginning at $65+.

As a result, they are among the most practical ways for associate bloggers to earn money online.

You can gain credit for recommendations through to 4 weeks from the first visit if you register for their programme. Payments are made here between 16th of the last day of each quarter, and a minimum of $100 is allowed to disclose your payment.

You'll get higher rates of return and get accessibility to textual content and advertising to help customers swiftly if you promote Hostgator. Their associate managers offer fantastic customer support, since they are the top choice and come highly recommended.

For additional details, see my whole Bluehost Affiliate Link review.

And if you still need to launch your affiliate website, click my link below to get 63% off your Bluehost plan. 

Get started with Bluehost


Hostinger: cheapest web-hosting platform

Hostinger is another popular web hosting platform that can offer affiliates up to $150 per sale on a tiered pricing structure.

Their affiliate partner program offers a base payout of around $60, with the opportunity to make up to $150.

And since their small business and WordPress plans tend to always have a 90% discount, they have strong conversion rates.

Like many other web hosts, they provide banners and promotional tools to help new affiliates get started.

If you will still have to start your social media offers, use my offer to save 90% on your Hostinger account.

Consider Hostinger.


Elementor's main page

Elementor seems to be a powerful slide website builder. Elementor allows web designers to create beautiful, feature-rich WordPress sites without having to know how to code.

Collaboration is the key to achievement – Elementor's internet community has over 100,000 members. Together, web designers exchange ideas, suggestions, and critiques, hold meetups, and encourage one another to advance professionally.

Elementor's affiliate programme has five pricing options ranging between $49 to $999 per year, with a 50 percent commission on each sale. Affiliates can more easily offer various packages to certain audiences because to the wide range of pricing levels.

Elementor is a prominent framework for a web host or Blogging authors, with some partners making over $10,000.

Consider using Elementor.

5-Cloudways is number 

Cloudways' domain registration affiliate programme rewards affiliates with substantial payouts, lengthy recurring royalties, and three different payout models.

You could receive an additional to $125 for each sale dependent on your achievement tier with one reward. You can also use its hybrid system to earn $30 for each sale with a 7% annual lifetime royalty for the client's lifetime.

Cloudways offers its partners real-time monitoring, as well as a statistics platform that displays clicks, revenues, and other useful data.

They even have fantastic accounting services (some of whom I feel close) and a wealth of tools, such as introductory emails, manuals, monthly publications, benchmark posts, and blog posts.

With the hyperlink below, you could join the Cloud hosting affiliate programme.

Take a look at Cloudways


You may label attached to $100 for each signup by marketing HostGator, then you'll have multiple compensation structures as well as co-branded blog posts and incentives.

For instance, my HostGator web page offers users a 60% discount on HostGator contracts.

They also have tiered reward arrangements, meaning that the more associates you recommend, the more rewards you make. You can opt for an achievement proper destination or a mixed compensation plan that includes regular payments.

You'll get a specialised affiliate sales representative as well as marketing resources like advertisements, text ads, outstanding article material, and email themes if you joined their programme. When it comes to launching an affiliate business, they're a fantastic site host.

To get a 60% discount on HostGator site hosting, use the link below.

Begin your hosting journey with HostGator.


GreenGeeks seems to be a subscriber (and ecologically friendly) website host that maybe you should seek out but if your people searching for one.

You may not be aware that your website does have an environmental impact.

GreenGeeks will attempt to change this by substituting carbon credits for 3x any quantity of electricity received from the affiliate network.

You could receive an additional to $125 for every sale if you joined their affiliate network, depending on your performance as well as traffic numbers. GreenGeeks is paid out over $5 billion to their associates over the years, and they provide specialised accounting services and useful reporting tools that help you succeed.

Join the GreenGeeks community.

person using iMac

8-WP Engine is a WordPress engine.

WP Engine offers great affiliate payouts, with commissions beginning at $200. These are a robust site hosting provider and among the most popular web servers for bloggers who cover WordPress themes and plugins.

Incentives and payment tiers are part of their programme. You will receive an additional $100 should you make five transactions. You will receive $250 if you make ten transactions. They also have a multiple programmes in which you can make $50 for every semi you bring on board.

WP Engine features a sector 180-day session length, which means that sales can be credited up to six months following user clicked your affiliate program.

The sole disadvantage would be that their service is more costly than that of other web servers, resulting in lower conversion rates.

I know plenty of people which have run the WP Engines affiliate programme and are dedicated to their partners' success.

WP Engine is a great place to start.

9-Liquid Web is number eight on the list.

Liquid Web has its affiliate programme, where affiliates are paid 150 percent of purchases, which can range from $150 to $7,000 each sale.

They have great accounting services and a two-tiered structure. This means receiving a tiny commission for sales made through your multiple link through other partners.

Check out Fluid Web whether you're seeking for a solid affiliate network with large compensation.

Affiliate Program for Liquid Web


Sendinblue seems to be a sales and marketing strategy that provides a specialised CRM, digital marketing tools, a web application builder, and other features.

Affiliates are compensated for both sales through their affiliate programme. For illustrate, if you suggest a free member to Sendinblue, then will earn 5€, or you will take an extra 100€ with each salaried employee. Transactions are paid fast and consistently via PayPal / money order, hands – on experience with company.

They have a three – month cookie lifetime and Tapfiliate provides real-time monitoring. Selling prices from buttons and results are high because they're an excellent sales tool.

Overall, advertising Sendinblue through their affiliate programme is a fantastic pick if you're speaking to a market that needs a full variety of marketing solutions.

Affiliate Programs for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Since 2013, about 25% of worldwide online consumers have used a VPN at least once per month, as the market continues to grow year after year.

Because of the rapid growth of this technique, all kinds of online websites can advise their viewers to set up a special internet access.

In reality, I joined the bandwagon through my essay mostly on 19 Greatest Vps Hosting.

I now use Vpns to encrypt my computer on the free Internet, watch Netflix while travelling abroad, and do keyword research while posing as someone else.

Affiliates often receive a monthly payment or perhaps a substantial one-time reward for consumers who sign up because these organisations charge an ongoing cost to utilise their internet services.

It's among the best affiliate areas, because there are a plethora of excellent programmes to choose from.

The finest VPN affiliate programmes are as follows:

Surf Shark VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Surf Shark VPN seems to be a popular VPN service that seeks to make personal security accessible to everyone. This also lets you share data that is prohibited or prohibited in your country, as well as blocked cable channels.

Affiliates could receive a 40% royalty rate for each membership sold by marketing Surfshark. Its product translates effectively in a variety of markets because of its low price and extensive feature set.


IPVanish has been one of the top VPN services available, with many of the finest rewards in the business.

100% for the first month, thereafter 35% on such a regular basis. 3-month container: 40% off for the first three months, then 35% off for the next three months. 40% off for the first and second years, then 30% off for the third and fourth years.

ExpressVPN (Virtual Private Network).

ExpressVPN, which was established in 2009, is amongst the most effective approaches for users wishing to secure their online anonymity. They provide substantial one-time rewards depending on the location a customer chooses: $13 with one week, $22 for six months, & $36 over a year.

NordVPN is a virtual private network.

NordVPN royalties are calculated based on pay service selected by the client, with 100% reward for one day and 40% revenue for six months, a year, then two years. They both have higher rates of return and professional sales teams who can assist you in increasing sales.


StrongVPN does have a successful affiliate programme that has been active until 2006. Companies pay on such a monthly basis and give up to something like a 200 percent commission on sales.


PureVPN's programme is among the most enjoyable, with competitions, a feedback loop, and customised notifications that notify you once you've completed a sale. These, as the others under our list, give 100 percent for the very first month & 40% with longer periods.

Affiliated Programs for Websites

Home Page of BigCommerce

Websites like Wix & WordPress are indeed a distant contender to web hosting & VPNs as being the best affiliate categories.

Choosing a hosting provider will be the first stage for bloggers who want to make a database, the same would be true for businesses who want to develop a project.

SaaS companies could also continue to pay over 100% of something like the regular sale price since potential customers might very well continue for 24-36 weeks and will have a strong revenue potential (LTV).

My top suggestions for the greatest website & retail affiliate programmes are as follows:

Sl.No Brand Commission Rate Cookie Duration
1 Wix $100 per sale+           90 days
2 Bigcommerce 200%+           30 days
3 Shopify 200% 90 days
4 Click Meter 90% 90 days
5 Superb Themes Up to 60%           30 days
6 AliDropship 50%           30 days
7 Weebly 30% recurring           120 days
8 ReferralCandy $20 cash               30 days


9 Sellfy 25% recurring             90 days
10 3dcart 300% 45 days
11 Site123 $100-$182         30 days


Wix seems to be a popular website developer with over 100 games. They offer $100 every sale to its affiliates to get started, as well as a variety of amazing banner ads in several languages.

Plus, Wix is among the easiest (and cheapest) areas to produce a new app where affiliate links can be added and monetized.

Take a look at Wix.


Including over 60,000 businesses, BigCommerce seems to be a Cloud e-commerce system. Due to various their infrastructural development and excellent functionality, platforms are renowned also as e-commerce main platform for developing brands.

green leaf plant near white wall

Their e-commerce web host pays a substantial 200 percent commission on the policy's price, which means you can make $60, $160, $250, or $1,500 each valet attendant. They get a 90-day counter and offer banners, category pages, as well as a monthly affiliate newsletter that includes content generators and SEO tips.

I'm additionally prejudiced because I worked as their Positioned Flanking in 2018 am however familiar with the programme.


Shopify is perhaps the most successful ecommerce web platform in the planet, with over 400,000 retailers and a generous commission of 200 percent on paid shops. Their brand recognition leads to consistent conversion rates. Additionally, their website has useful associate FAQs as well as promotion suggestions.


When you advertise ClickMeter, the connect tracking system, you may earn up than 90% profit on each sale. Our affiliate programme is through Shareasale, since they have the specialised affiliate staff. You could indeed receive additional to $891 every sale! Due to various their higher cap percent and competent affiliate staff, I placed company at the top of the pecking order.

Outstanding Themes

Superb Themes seems to be a firm that creates beautiful Web hosting and publishes a range of helpful WordPress information. You can building personal to 60% royalty on each sale if users recommend Web hosting to your community, but you can potentially collect recurring income on a monthly basis. Those who too have an associate manager on staff.


AliDropship seems to be a dropship e – commerce platform with two distinct remedies: a comprehensive online store alternative and contribute, plugins, and templates. Their affiliate network gives partners generic strategies to extensions, a three – month cookie period, advertising, content layouts, and up than 50% revenue, which meaning a single transaction can earn you upwards at $869. Companies use PayPal to make quick payments.


Weebly seems to be a simple new website with such a large user base of over 40 million people. It isn't the most sophisticated wordpress, but its stretch people connected creating a simple website a breeze. For as much as the consumer is current, they give a 30% reoccurring commission.


ReferralCandy is really the greatest online store prospective future application. For example, its technology allows ecommerce companies to offer clients incentives such as “10% off after your buddies, 6% off again for you.” Every moment you suggest an online business with ReferralCandy, you'll receive $20 in money.


Sellfy seems to be a filled commerce platform designed for writers and artists who wish to offer specialty products such as digital downloads, subscriptions, and actual items web. With one year, its affiliate programme offers a 25% reoccurring payment. I understand that they will have a competent affiliate supervisor that can assist affiliates with articles and other partnerships.


3dcart seems to be a rapidly expanding ecommerce platform with its own affiliate network as well as a 300 percent royalty on paid transactions. They have consistent conversions and friendly Affiliate Managers who are always willing to help.


Site123 seems to be another well-known hosting service that helps you make smartphone websites with such a large number of designs and a straightforward user experience. Their affiliate programme pays you upwards to $182 in commissions, so you may take your money only when you've earned $300 in commission.

Networks of affiliates.

After that, we'll take a break and move on to affiliate programs.

When looking for affiliate programmes to engage, you may use a standard browser to look for certain programmes, spend hours searching the Web, and eventually locate ones that suit your interests.

Joining an affiliate program, on which you can browse thousands of programmes

in one spot, is significantly faster.

You can simply examine programme rates, cookie lengths, median EPCs, and so more by looking via their marketplace.

What else are affiliate programs and how do they work?

Affiliate networks serve as go-betweens for merchants selling products and marketers promoting them.

Publishers (affiliates) can use affiliate programs to find brands (advertising agencies) and engage their programmes.

From the other side, they enable companies to appeal to a wider audience by recruiting affiliates through the network.

There are additional advantages as well. With their affiliate systems, you may compare earnings across multiple programmes, receive fast payment, and monitor all sponsored posts.

What factors should I consider while selecting an affiliate network?

The groups you join will ultimately be determined by your strategic goals and the items you wish to promote.

You have a large number of retailers in your area.

Some networks focus on specialised verticals such as clothing, cosmetics, and home furnishings, whereas others may focus on B2B companies and merchants. Unless you're a writer, check to see if the platform has a lot of merchants who fit your niche.

Double-check that they're completely free.

It should never be necessary to pay to participate. Networks make money by collecting set-up charges, yearly subscriptions, and often a share of affiliate sales to their retailers. If you come across one that is attempting to force you to participate, go away as quickly as possible.

Excellent client service.

All connections include some amount of help, although some are more effective than in others. Should you need help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, internet, or online chat software, look over the network's capabilities and read platform evaluations to decide what's best.

Merchants who pay well.

The next purpose is to confirm that you really can earn seem much on your purchases after you've found an affiliate marketer with merchants who fit your expertise.

Keep in mind that normal affiliate earnings (dependent on the vertical) run from 5 to 30%. When you're looking over the lists of retailers, do some arithmetic on possible income and product costs to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

man in black and white floral long sleeve shirt sitting and showing something on a microsoft laptop to 2 women

What Are the Best Affiliate Programs?

Because now you learn what to search for when selecting an affiliate marketer, are indeed my top recommendations.

The effect.

Impact is a comprehensive partnership customer focus (PRM) platform that links major brands with media.

Affiliates could log in to the system and ask to join hundreds of leading brands' affiliate programmes, including Uber, Lyft, Adidas, Aaa, and more.

Impact includes links to the greatest partnership solutions for brands wishing to start their business ad network.


Affiliate Network Shareasale

Including over 3,900 businesses more than 1 million members, Shareasale seems to be a big affiliate program. They've been out of the sector for 18 months or are a market leader. Design, home improvement, snacks and drinks, and B2B are amongst their top categories to market. There are, however, many more.

They also offer excellent services such as online advertising workshops, training seminars, merchant suggestions, and promotional tools to assist you in increasing your revenue.

In terms of technology, its platform is very dependable. The Shareasale network, in particular, boasts openness, speed, effectiveness, and consistency, as well as easily accessible to affiliate connections and reporting features

If you're new to affiliate programs and to get yourself feet wet, I recommend joining Shareasale as either an affiliate initially.

You can also register as a business if you're seeking for partners to advertise your products.

Conversant's CJ

Conversant Affiliates Network's 

CJ via Conversant (previously Commission Circuit) is indeed an affiliate program with a 20-year track record. Using their network, they execute an amazing $15 million in sales, including $1.8 billion handed out again to their partners each year.

If you want to work with a few of the nation's most well-known businesses, and became a CJ associate is a terrific option. Several of the retailers you can work with this on CJ include Overstock, Booking, GoPro, Costco, and Dollar General.

On the publication side, we work with well-known names such as CNN, Newsweek, Digg, & Buzzfeed. One disadvantage of this competitive environment is it may be hard for new members to gain approval to engage alongside larger businesses. To engage with people, you'll must get imaginative with your direct mail.

CJ, but at the other hand, is a terrific network to join because of its free and simple setup, superb fact checking, and consistent loan bills.

Contact CJ by Intimately knowledgeable unless you're an experienced affiliate who desire to compete with a few of the nation's most well-known brands.

Rakuten LinkSharing (Rakuten LinkSharing)

Affiliate Network of Rakuten

Rakuten, earlier branded as LinkShare, seems to be a hosting service that dates back to 1996. There might not be as huge as CJ and Conversant, despite having been in company longer unlike most.

They do, however, have roughly 1,000 retailers to pick from, including many possibly the best brands such as New Balance, Big Sun, Fred, and Tarte.

What distinguishes people? Rakuten, for starters, has a very user-friendly design, intelligent system linking capabilities, and the option to create revolving banners to promote your businesses. It's simple to set up. We also have great transaction monitoring and video tutorials to assist you get begun and to get the most from your money.

There are, nevertheless, a few disadvantages. They don't get as many retailers, for starters.

This disadvantage may restrict your capacity to sell a variety of products, forcing you to augment your earnings by join alternative network. Secondly, their find support are inconsistent, so you may not budget monthly simultaneously time each month. Those weren't deal-breakers, though they're worth noticing anyway.

Finally, probably join the Bento network when you're an associate who has previously joined bigger platforms and hopes to boost your reach.


Lemonade seems to be a lead generation network that allows affiliates to advertise over 10,000 brands.

Affiliates who sign back and bring their platform gain access to multiple of tools, including:

Exclusive CPA offerings from well-known companies.

Smart affiliate program tools with statistics for strong campaign optimization.

Wire transfers, PayPal, Remarkably accurate, and ePayments are all options for making quick payments.

Customer service is provided through a variety of methods.

During the first three months of employing Lemonads, 85 percent of publishers saw an increase in profits.

If you want to engage their platform as an advertiser, you'll get some great features as well:

Sell the product, Avangate,  Pepperjam, Viglink, and Paypal are among other significant mentions. Clickbank is a marketplace where you can promote quotes from various of industries, including food, healthcare, fitness, nutritional, home decor, and more, once you're in any B2C product niche.

The Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Commissions

While most of the finest affiliate programmes give out such an another CPA following a transaction, others cash out on such a monthly basis. When an associate earns a royalty for purchasing a site's goods on a recurrent (or quarterly) basis, it's known as a repeating programme.

Here seem to be my recommendations for the finest recurring shows:

Pabbly, for starters.

Affiliate Program for Pabbly

Every transaction you make with both the Defined as the movement Affiliate Network will pay you a 30percent lifetime repeating income. They employ a three – month cache duration and accept payments after 40 days.

Buzzsprout is an acronym for “buzz sprout.”

This well-known podcast host pays pays 20% on even a recurrent basis, but they still give new subscribers a $20 Itunes gift card too help boost exchange rates. On our podcast hosted page, I promote Buzzsprout, so they have a fantastic marketing director who can assist with great content and marketing.


Another successful web course provider is Thinkific, which offers a 20% reoccurring discount. I earned $956 from either a solitary Thinkific transaction but am its #1 affiliate.


IPVanish appears on this ranking on a regular basis as they're the top VPN provider on the industry by offering several of the greatest payments in the business. They do have a fantastic affiliate programme.

It's phraseable.

Wordable seems to be a software-as-a-service platform that allows content authors to publish text from Google Calendar to their Lms in real time.

affiliate network

Every sale earns a 30% minimum monthly fee, with rates starting at $1 million for commercial companies.


My preferred email marketing platform being ActiveCampaign, because their affiliate programme pays on such a recurrent basis. They have compensation tiers that range from 5% to 30% depending on how many sales you make.

They with over 6,000 paid equally, a partner site with excellent affiliate materials, and a terrific affiliate manager.


Moosend seems to be an effective email marketing software with a 30% recurrent income in their partner program. We also offer an excellent affiliate management as well as a six – month cache period.

Netpeak Software

Netpeak Software creates Netpeak Crawler and Netpeak Analyzer, which are solutions for expert search engine marketers. They provide upwards to a 30% recurrent rate as well as a wealth index of $100-$2000 each active associate. They also offer personalised customer service and promo offers that may be shared to assist attract leads.


amoCRM would be a customer focus (CRM) programme that runs on messenger. Right now, their plan gives a 35 percent recurring commission (that doesn't expire). Moreover, once you hit $10,000 as a participant, that amount jumps to 50%.


Leadpages is a well-known home page developer that allows users to create customised websites with forms and call-to-action buttons. Their affiliate programme pays a recurring 30% commission.


Teachable would be an online class system that helps authors and web developers to make and sell brand own lessons to students. They offer a 30% repeating payout.


GetResponse seems to be another online marketing provider that pays a recurring royalty of 33 percent. They're yet another great affiliate programme for email marketing.


Website owners could use SEMRush for track keywords, perform site audits, as well as view competitive data in their digital marketing using this powerful SEO software. BeRush are their affiliate programme, and they pay a 40% commission to their associate partners.


Because of its contact forms and design options, Aweber is indeed an excellent email marketing platform for organisations and advertising companies. They provide a repeating yield of 30%.


Because it's ideal for writers, ConvertKit is among my favourite email marketing platforms. They provide a visual orchestration builder that allows you to set triggers depending on website activities and email responses. Their programme is administered by a mate of mine, & they give a 30% monthly discount.


PromoRepublic seems to be a fantastic tool for managing and organizing social networks. They pay up versus 30% commission on each sale, with an average household salary of $40-$1,500 for active affiliates. We also provide high performers prizes and sharing coupon coupons to assist boost sales.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes seems to be a Blog library with over 550,000 clients and 87 convenient designs. You can drive business to Elegant Templates and ensure a better ticket 50% monthly payout unless you're a writer who wants to propose designs to your audience.


NinjaOutreach seems to be a one-stop shop for online advertising. It aids in communication, the discovery of influencer email accounts, the creation of facebook pages, and the expansion of your content marketing efforts. Company used to give 50% future billing, but now only offer 20%.


Another Helps remove that focuses on competitor intelligence is SpyFu. Anyone can download statistics on a vendor's top organic search keywords using their service. 


ClickFunnels was a very well landing page developer with a 40% commission on all purchases. They provide a variety of advertising and programs you can advertise, as well as an easy-to-use dashboard where you can collect your links.

What Does It Mean to Have a Recurring Reimbursement?

When a transaction is “continuous,” it happens numerous times as soon as your sponsored user remains a paying client. Because of it's high level of customer satisfaction, recurring income schemes pay their rewards monthly. The majority of recurring programmes are advertising who use cloud computing (SaaS) platforms that demand a subscription fee.

Datapine.com is the source of this information.

A customer's average cost is substantially higher than just the annual selling price with subscription services, because they keep paying each month until their churn.

As a result, the advertiser could pay under one of 2 directions: one more fee that is bigger than the yearly fee, or a lesser recurring proportion over the client's lifetime.

Affiliates prefer both first and ongoing payout methods, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a One-Time Payment:

Pro: You have a larger upfront payment, which can be as much as 500-1,000% of such monthly membership cost.

Con: Your associate money stream is inconsistent, but you may earn worse over the consumer's lifetime.

Pros and Cons of Recurring Commissions:

Pro: You could better forecast how often income you'll earn because you generate steady earnings each month. Moreover, if you have a low conversion rates and a high turnover, you may be able to spend more profit throughout the course of the consumer's lifetime.

man facing a woman

Con: You receive a lesser portion up advance, and the consumer may fast churn, wiping out your earnings.

Travel Affiliate Programs

Consumers are choosing package deals online in greater numbers than it has ever been, from lodgings and travel sites like Tripadvisor to flights and gift vouchers – so what not you?

Let's pretend you're a world traveler with a devoted following.

You can earn a finders fee by recommending hotels, vacation packages, planes, and travel devices to travel affiliate businesses.

There are numerous customising options as well. You can incorporate hotel booking websites into your blog, select certain destinations, and highlight hotels that you are interested in. For instance, you could create a niche effective website like “Denver Camping Trips,” and post material about the smartest ways to see in San diego, local community guides, or hotel promotions.

Travel online reviews with connections to individual vacations & accommodations are a wonderful way to provide your visitors a personalised experience while also providing an unlimited supply of possibilities. Committees are paid whether when a tourist makes a reservation or when they check and out their accommodation.

My top suggestions for the greatest travel affiliate programmes are as follows:

Brand Commission Structure Cookie  Duration
TripAdvisor 50% 14 days
Travelpayouts Up to 80% 30 days
Expedia 2-6% 7 7 days
Marriott 3-6% 7 days
Travelocity 2-4% 45 days
Priceline 3-5% 7 days
Hotels.com 4% 7 days
Hilton 4% 7 days
Hotwire 2% 7 days
Booking.com 4% On browser close

TripAdvisor is number one.

TripAdvisor has been a well travel company that is most renowned for its localized reviews of attractions. You can also arrange hotels, holiday packages, hotel stays, and other services through them. They are offering a fantastic 50% savings with a reasonable cookie length of fourteen days. These are my top pick for the finest in the leisure area based on its referral fees.

Reimbursement for travel expenses.

Travelpayouts bills itself as “The Perfect Travel Package to Commercialize Your Travel Site,” although I have to concur with them. We provide a multitude of choices and integrate with various travel platforms such as Booking.com, Facebook, rentalcars.com, as well as others. Their travel online marketing network pays up versus 80% compensation on flights or 6percent on ticketing, although the median is 1.6 percent for airfares and 6percent for hotel stays. Their cookie lasts for 30 days.

Expedia is an online travel agency.

Expedia seems to be a large worldwide travel firm that also owns the other companies on this listing. They give their affiliates access from over 260,000 bookable property across 150 sites in more than 70 countries. We have a large website presence and a large network of businesses.


Another hotel company that offers a vast selection of properties to market in their programme is Sheraton. They provide a 3 percent discount on package holidays as well as a 4-6 percent discount on accommodations. They offer a 7-day cookie duration.


Travelocity would be a travel website noted for its low prices & store credit guarantee. Companies pay out a 2-4 percent commission and have a 12-week cookie period.


Priceline is well-known for offering low-cost hotels, airfares, and other services. They give a compensation of 3-5 percent as well as a 6-month cookie period.


Hotels.com would be another way to profit with rooms; they have 85 webpages in 150 nations and offer tailored services. We seem to have a loyalty program with over 1.2 billion members. We provide a 4% discount as well as a 7-day record period.


Hilton seems to be a multinational hotel chain that offers a variety of hotels located and hospitality stays. They charge a 4% charge and have an eight cookie period.


Hotwire is a website that provides last-minute booking services and availability of low flights and accommodations. They offer 2% in exchange for a 7-day biscuit.


Flights, hotels, auto rentals, and terminal taxis are all available through Booking.com. Registering opens you up with around 2.2 million homes as well as a 4% discount, and that there's a catch: the cookies dies when the client uses their browser.

two women talking while looking at laptop computer

Disclosure: Several of the products in this post are good signs, which means that if you click on them, I may receive a little compensation at no extra cost to you. We had, nevertheless, thoroughly reviewed each programme throughout this article and consider they are by far the most effective for making affiliate cash. Our privacy statement has a complete affiliate disclosure.

Finance & Credit Card Affiliate Network

Affiliate Programs for Credit Cards

According to Citigroup, each citizen in the U.s has 2.69 debit cards. If there's on thing we Westerners are excellent at, it is indeed wasting cash we do not have any! You could help your readers with their money while boosting their creditworthiness by thoroughly checking credit and debit cards, loan providers, and payroll software.

Secondly, with the proliferation of bank card and policy planned community, there are several options to promote new credit cards. Finally, you could penetrate the B2B market and advise local firms on accounting software.

Regardless of whatever finance affiliate firm you select, they are all regarded for having the best affiliate programmes on the industry.

The greatest techniques to begin started with banking online advertising are as follows:

Credit Cards from Bankrate

Mention: CPM, CPL, CPC, and CPA offerings vary by credit card kind.


Note: This is an affiliate network that connects you to credit card applications.


Commission: There are a variety of rewards depending on what type of bank card used.

Soup of Commission

Note: This is an affiliate network that connects you to credit card applications.


$10-$40 in commission

Cookie life span: 30 days


$5 every lead, $55 each client commission

Cookie life span: 120 days

Liberty Mutual 

Cost per lead varies from $3 and $17, depending on what type of coverage.


Number of leads varies from $2.50 to $20, depending on the level of insurance.


7 percent commission

45-day cookie lifespan


$20 commission

45-day cookie lifespan

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Fitness business pays for your fitness level suggestions, if you're really a bodybuilding, a jogging instructor, a physical therapist, or an Instagrammer.

You could earn a lot of money by collaborating with a business like Bowflex & promoting their strong AOV items.

Fitness is among the most lucrative affiliate niches. Treadmills & ellipticals get a high customer lifetime value (AOV), which means affiliates can earn a lot of money each click.

My top selections for the finest fitness regimens are as follows:

Company Commission Cookie Duration
Ace Fitness 8% 30 day
Bodybuilding.com 5-15% 9 days
Bowflex 7% 3 days
Life Fitness 8% 30 day
ProForm 8-11% 30 day
TRX Training 8% 30 day


Ace Fitness 

8% of revenues as a commission


It is a website dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding.

15% incentive for new clients, 5% incentive for repeat buyers

Cookie life span: 9 days


AOV are around $2,000 and royalty equals 7% of transactions.

Cookie lifespan: 3 days

Fitness for Life

8 percent commission Plus

Cookie life span: 30 days


Commissions range from 8% to 11% of sales.

TRX Fitness 

Committee: 8% of total sales Amount 30 day length

CBD-related affiliate programmes

Affiliate Programs for Marijuana

With Michigan will become the tenth state to legalise medicinal pot and marijuana legalization being allowed in north carolina, now is the moment to become involved in this burgeoning industry. This medical therapy that is both effective and safe is becoming more popular.

If you're looking for a tall affiliate niche, now is the moment to enter the cannabis and CBD market.

I'm highly advising that you test every one of the goods in this area before giving them your approval. Cheech Marin, take it easy. However, whether you're searching for a fast-growing business, you can make a lot of money.

The following are a few of the most effective CBD affiliate programs:


15% percent sales as a commission


10percent of affiliate sales additional 5percent of semi sales

Green CulterED 

60 percent commission

Cookie life span: 365 days

THC University 

$25 each student reward

Cookie life span: 30 days

Affiliate Programs are hot right now.

Fashion affiliate programmes are ideal for influencers who want to earn cash by recommending the fashionable clothes on Insta, Tumblr, or YouTube.

You must focus on such a semi when promoting apparels so which you may zoom in here on your market and become the take reference for your particular sort of fashion.

man in black sweater using macbook pro

Once you've determined your sub-niche, look for apparels that complement your brand. Remember that fashion platforms such as Linux and Shopstyle Cooperative can assist you in finding fashion clothes to advertise.

Finally, the fashion associate company you select to deal with should be a good fit for your fashion sense but you should enjoy their brand.

My top selections for the greatest fashion affiliate programmes are as follows:

Company Payouts Cookie Duration
Eddie Bauer 5% 7 days
H&M 7.4% 30 days
JNCO Jeans            20% 30 days
Lane Bryant 5% 15 days
ModCloth 7% 45 days
MVMT Watches 10% 15 days
Newchic 18% 60 days
Nordstrom 2-20% 7 days
Stitch Fix 4% 7 days
True Religion 7% 7 days
Warby Parker 20% 45 days


Eddie Bauer 

5 percent commission on each sale

Cookie life span: 7 days


Up to 7.4 percent commission

Cookie life span: 30 days

JNCO Jeans

20 percent commission

Cookie life span: 30 days

Lane Bryant 

5 percent commission

15-day cookie duration


7 percent commission

45-day cookie duration

MVMT Timepieces

ten percent commission

15-day cookie duration

Stylish newcomer

Up to 18percent annual commission on each sale

Cookie life span: 60 days


2–20 percent commission

Cookie life span: 7 days

Stitch Fix

4 percent commission

Cookie life span: 7 days

True Religion

7 percent commission

Cookie life span: 7 days

Warby Parker

20 percent commission

45-day cookie duration

Affiliate Programs for Makeup

Leading fashion affiliates have large audiences on their websites, Youtube videos, Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts, and other social media platforms. Their devoted fans are always on the lookout for the most up-to-date beauty advice and product evaluations. As a result, beauty and cosmetic bloggers' videos and photos prefer to be video guide, demonstrating when to use the freshly recommended goods.

Because of its prominence, there really are a plethora of beauty related parties to pick from, but you must carefully select the goods you promote considering commissions vary significantly. Payouts for cosmetic affiliates, for example, range from 2 to 10percent on average, with earnings varying greatly.

Finally, find a brand to advertise that pays well and corresponds to your unique tastes and interests. My top suggestions for the greatest beauty affiliate programmes are as follows:

Brand Commission Cookie Duration
Madison Reed $20 30 days
Avon Up to 10% 30 days
Beauty Tube 7.5% + bonuses 7 days
BH Cosmetics 8% 60 days
L’Occitane en Provence 2.5% 45 days
Sephora 5-10% 24 hours
Ulta Beauty 2-5% 30 days


Madison Reed

$20 commission

Cookie life span: 30 days


Commission: Up to 10%, with an average of 3%.

Tape for beauty

7.5 percent commission plus performance bonuses

7-day cookie duration

BH Cosmetics

The commission is 8%.

Cookie life span: 60 days

Provence's L'Occitane

2.5 percent commission

45-day cookie life span


Commission: 5% to 10%

Length of Cookie: 24 hours

Ulta Beauty 

2-5 percent commission

Cookie expiration date: 30 days

Gamers and Twitch Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs for Gaming

There are several computer game affiliate network available unless you're a player, Twitch broadcaster, or produce YouTube videos.

By enabling affiliates to monetise audience memberships and online gaming purchases, the Twitch Advertising Program helps gamers move closer to reaching their financial goals.

person using computer playing FPS game

You only need 50 Potential link, 500 broadcasting mins during last 30 days, seven distinct broadcast weeks, as well as a median of three or more simultaneous viewers to participate. Alternatively, you could promote video game paid services including such Gamefly and earn money from government tests and game sales that your affiliate programs generate.

Finally, find a computer game accounting system that is a good fit for your playing preferences.

Are indeed my recommendations for the best gaming & Twitch affiliate network.

Astrological Gaming

5 percent commission

Cookie life span: 180 days


5 percent commission

Cookie life span: 90 days


10%-20% profit on technology, 3% royalty on other goods

Cookie life span: 30 days


Committee: $15 for each trial symbol, 5% for console titles, 10% at used games.

Cookie life span: 30 days


50% commission on subscriptions, 5% commission on console games

Disclaimer: A few of the products in this blog are excellent options, which means that if you click on them, I may receive a little profit at no added charge to anyone. I had, however, thoroughly reviewed each programme in this list and consider they are by far the most effective for making affiliate cash. Our terms of service has a complete affiliate disclosure.

Music Affiliate Programs

Composers, musicians, music producers, university lecturers, outboard gear makers, vocal trainers, and others work in the music business. There's many ways to benefit from high paying musical affiliate programmes with these distinct product segments and rates comparable.

Unless you're a music producer, you can check out the most up-to-date guitars, cameras, and audio gear. You could propose online video programs if you're just a kindergarten teacher. There seem to be a plethora of methods to profit from your musical expertise.

Above all, ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the items you promote in order to provide the finest suggestions to your target consumers.

Here are a few of highest-paying music-related programmes.

Guitar Center

6 percent commission

14-day cookie duration

 Musician's Companion

4 percent commission

14-day cookie duration

Sam Ash

Commission: 7% to 10%

Cookie life span: 60 days


70% profit on quick downloading, 40% revenue on shipping courses

Cookie life span: 60 days5


6 percent commission plus bonuses

45-day cookie duration

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs for Bitcoin

Last year, I became enamoured with cryptocurrency and spent hours each day on Launchpad selling Stocks, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and any other coin imaginable.

Consequently, I participated in a couple ICOs, exchanging one cryptocurrency for that other using payment systems. It was quite addictive.

Despite the fact that the population has stalled since February 2018, it is poised to recover.

Many bitcoin programmes are comparable to referral programmes, in which you get a percentage of their transactions for long to several year upon recruiting customers. Other cryptocurrency systems recommend payment systems such as Ledger & Trezor.

Above all, Bitcoin isn't going away anytime soon. Check out such programmes if you want to engage with related parties in a growing (and collapsing) market and witness your income charts soar.

The largest crypto affiliate program schemes are listed here.


Committee: 20percent of the referral's trading fees, 40% if you have 500 BNB or more.

Payout: Make a real-time payment to your Binance account.


When a customer pays $100 in BTC, they will receive $10 in BTC as a commission.

Period of earning: Once each customer

man in blue denim jacket facing turned on monitor

Wallet Ledger

10% of both the net sale value is paid out in commission.

Payouts are made in Bitcoin (BTC), with just a minimal payout of 0.1 BTC.


20 percent of the user's trading fee per trade is charged as commission.

Earning period: One year to the date of the user's enrollment.

Trezor Wallet

20percent sales as a commission

Affiliate Programs in Sports

In 2019, worldwide sports business is expected to generate $73.5 million in sales. Media rights, merchandise, sponsorships, as well as the development of sports betting all contribute to this revenue.

Consider joining a sporting affiliate programme if you want to connect in with this massive market.

Join a sportswear, fan apparel, or golf online tool to promote products from specialised sports firms. Another option is to use your virtual understanding of football to earn money through fantasy sports sites such as Ticket Master or FanDuel.

Sports are really not amongst the most popular affiliate marketing niches. The athletics vertical, but at the other hand, is a terrific fit for authors who already have a following.

Building your business around such a leading innovation sub-niche & marrying that and an in expertise of the things you're suggesting can lead to success over time.

The best tall sports partner programmes are listed below.

Dick's Sports Equipment

The typical compensation is 5%.

Cookie life span: 10 days

Draft Kings

Committee: 40% of the referral's gross gaming revenue for the very first thirty minutes, 25% for days 31 and up.


Up to ten percent commission

Cookie life span: 7 days


Committee: $25-35 each signup, with a 35 percent revenue share for the first two years for recommendations.

Sports memorabilia 

9 percent royalty on sales

Cookie life span: 365 days

TaylorMade Baseball

5percent of sales as a commission

Cookie life span: 30 days

Under Armour 

5percent of sales as a commission

Cookie life span: 30 days

Pinterest Online Advertising Partnerships

Pinterest Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketers have been able to add affiliate links directly in existing Pinterest boards instead of travelling through respective blogs from May 2017. As a result of this change, a slew of affiliates have been able to make money online while requiring a lot of web traffic.

Similarly, this allowed prominent style, cosmetic, and lifestyle advertisers to more effectively target the 200 lacs Pinterest members. Pinterest is used by 29 percent of American adults, while 93 percent of Pinners claim that get to plan purchases.

Joining an affiliate program with goods that are similar to people purchase on Pinterest seems to be the greatest method. Foods and beverages, DIY, home décor, female clothing, and healthcare & fitness are all popular Pinterest themes.

Here are a few Pinterest communities to join:

Affiliate programme with Amazon.

Your Pinterest likes can be used to promote any goods at Amazon. To really get accepted in the United States, you should have a site or blog. On approximately 1 million items, you could receive additional to 10%. Companies can also assist you find messages and use banners to promote things on your website. While they aren't a affiliate network in the traditional sense, they do offer a wide variety of products.

Another advantage is that you're using your Amazon email address to connect to a goods, you receive compensation for any thing the user orders during that transaction. You also get credits for up to three months if they put an item to their shopping and leave it there.

woman in black shirt sitting beside black flat screen computer monitor

Notable consider: The eBay companion app shares a clear strategy, and then you can use affiliate links to promote nearly 1.1 billion products. You can make from 70 and 95 percent of the selling price on eBay. Unfortunately, you only get money if a user buys something in 24hrs of visiting eBay.

Shareasale is a service that allows you to sell your items to other people.

Of over 3,900 retailers in categories like clothing, home decor, meals and drinks, and sports, Shareasale would be a renowned affiliate network.

For illustration, you may partner with Manufactured, an interior design retailer, and earn 20% of all purchases. Promote Winc Wines and make $18 for each and every sale if beverages are more your cuppa tea (or bottle of champagne). The possibilities are infinite because to their enormous merchant network.


Become a service provider and use Pinterest to offer degree training or ebooks. SendOwl works with two of the most popular plugins, and then you can market subscriptions as well.

ShopStyle Collective 

Finally, there are a number of apparel and accessory products to market on this style site. They provide an user – friendly interface, software solutions, and techniques that help you grow your following.

Disclaimer: A few of the items in this post are two attributes, which means that if you click on them, I may receive a little profit at no incremental expense to you. But have, nevertheless, thoroughly reviewed each programme in this article and think they are perhaps the most effective for making affiliate cash. Our user agreement has a complete affiliate disclosure.

How Are Affiliate Networks and How Do They Work?

Affiliate programmes are agreements in which a product-selling online marketer pays a royalty to an online channel for any purchases earned through their contextual ads. To record payments, the affiliate opportunities for business improvement affiliate links leading to the checkout page. The commission structure is included in each contract here between associate and a retailer.

What Else are Affiliate Networks and How Do They Work?


There's many three primary players in this scenario:

The businessman. Consider a store that sells things.

The subsidiary. A product movie reviewer, for example, might connect to items on the business ’ website.

When a visitor enters an effective website, he or she hits on an email address to the shopping site and sells the store's product.

How Then do I Become a Member of Affiliate Programs?

Self-hosted programmes and assist organizations programmes are indeed the two main types of programmes.

First, associate tools are used to conduct self-hosted programmes on the firm's site. It can be joined by Googling for “Logo + Affiliates Program” and visiting their programme page.

A programme, on either hand, can exist within affiliate network, which are collections of merchants who give their connections in one protected location. These affiliate network allow you to start friends programmes in a variety of verticals, examine reporting, track your earnings, and download affiliate links for use on your website.

There's are automated or manual clearances with either strategy. Some applications allow anyone, while others add you immediately if you meet certain criteria. Many programmes require a thorough assessment of your registration by a Positioned Flanking.

And What were the Conditions for Participating in Affiliate Marketing?

To participate, you'll need a webpage and a means of receiving funds, such as a Bank account or a checking account. Since you can engage without a site by posting communication on social medial, I always advocate website design for elevated bloggers.

I suggest that you also have a very well page with such a Certificate authority for HTTPS enabled. You must have a microsoft account that is linked to your site, as well as a Prepaid card.

What Classifies a Profitable Affiliate Program?

The management fees and average order value are the two important things in affiliate programs. Keep in mind that higher rates plus a higher average order value equals more affiliate earnings. Next, consider the duration of the cookie and also the potential earnings for every click (EPC).

For the top profitable programmes, look for the following four feature

Commissio rate

An advertiser pays an affiliate network two of a sale in exchange for suggesting a new consumer. This number may vary from single digits to as high as 50%.

 Average Order Value (AOV)

Everytime, when a customer finishes an order, the average dollar amount is paid. The number of orders is divided by the total revenue.

The amount of dollars an affiliate network earns for every click from an affiliate link to an advertiser's website. The exact meaning of EPC determines the money per 100 clicks, therefore this explanation is a little deceptive.

Cookie duration

A cookie is a piece of data that is saved on the computer of a user and is used to record affiliate transactions. The duration is the span of hours the cookie remains on the device, after hitting an affiliate link. As an example, if a user chooses to click on an affiliate link and complete the purchase within 30 days, the affiliate network gets credited with the purchase.

Making a 5% commission on a $10 pair of socks is a waste of time. It'll only cost you $0.50.

However, earning an 8% commission on a $1,200 treadmill and making $96 might be preferable. Because your affiliate site can only create a certain amount of monthly traffic, you should market affiliate network products with an EPC.

Moreover, it is an important measure to check for a long cookie's lifetime. Cookie's lifetime are usually set to 30 days. There are programmes that last as little as seven days and as long as 90 days. Cookie's which have longer lifetime are a common feature of the programmes I promote.

Keep in mind that you want high rewards, a high average order value, and long cookie durations.

Tips for Affiliate Marketing

Trends in Affiliate Marketing (2019)

cloudways.com is the source for this information.

Affiliate network marketers don't want to limit themselves to those four affiliate principles and blindly suggest any product based on their huge commissions.

You must advertise things that you enjoy and are familiar with.

Users on the internet are fast to recognise fraudulent suggestions and want to learn from practical life. As a result, it's critical to be honest in your product reviews.

Affiliate network marketing's rise is evident, and this year will be no exception. Affiliate network marketing is responsible for 16% of all online purchases.

So, how can you keep on top of market trends and join the finest high-ticket affiliate network programmes as they emerge?

Look for new categories.

With 18.7% of campaigns, fashion is currently the best popular affiliate network marketing sector, followed by health and wellness & sports .

Virtual reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, wearable technology, and drones are examples of emerging affiliate network markets.

Another rising sector is dating affiliate marketing, which is ideal if you consider yourself a connection specialist or aspiring love guru. With the variety of matchmaking websites and applications on the increase and competition fiercer than ever, dating companies are relying on affiliates to spread the word about their services and attract new users.

 The number of mobile operators is increasing.

Mobile affiliate network marketing and CPA platforms are another popular trend. Affiliates can use mobile CPA affiliate programs and push notification services to drive traffic to mobile apps and mobile sites.

Summary of the Top Affiliate Programs

There are many various high ticket divisions to satisfy your specific interests, no matter which of the top affiliate programmes you like to join.

When choosing a programme, start by looking at the rates and fees, average transaction values (AOV), household income per click, and cookies durations.

Second, see if the programme is ongoing or if it only accepts one-time contributions.

Finally, pick a specialty that aligns with your passions and that you can enthusiastically market.

The affiliate industry is booming, and there are plenty of chances to be had.

Note, the first step is to create a WordPress-based affiliate website.

To begin building your affiliate site, I suggest starting with Bluehost, which is currently offering a 63 percent discount, or just $2.95 a month.

Lastly, utilise Affluent to store all of your data in one dashboard and Thirsty Affiliates to conceal your connections, which are two of my favourite (and essential) affiliate marketing strategies.

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