You must abandon the cookie-cutter suggestions you've been receiving if you'd like to figure out how to make money on the internet – Make Money Blogging.

Write about your hobbies, stay consistent, develop strong writing habits, and create outstanding content, according to “expert” bloggers.

After that, in a few years, you'll have enough internet traffic to monetize your blog through affiliate networks, Google AdSense, online courses, podcasts, or digital product sales.

The harsh reality is that it doesn't have to take years; there's simply a lot of incorrect information out there.

You need to start thinking like a CEO and establish mechanisms to scale your blog like a startup, not a hobby if you want to create life-changing money from your blog as quickly as possible.

I've worked for high-growth businesses and with some of the industry's greatest CEOs, VPs, and Growth Marketers. And what did I discover?

The majority of money blogging advice is detrimental rather than beneficial.

While 9% of bloggers fail, you're offered the idea of passive income and the potential to generate money online while you sleep. Despite this, these “experts” who began money blogging over a decade earlier seem to be the only ones reaping the benefits of publishing.

So, in January 2019, I began this blog to document my development as a brand new blogger, drawing on all I learned in the startup industry.

Here's the first thing I learned: to scale your blog at startup speed, you need to focus less on writing and more on establishing mechanisms.

Keep in mind that you're not only a blogger; you're also a business owner.

There are several things I wish I had known before I began my blog. I believe this article has provided you with some new ideas.

Money Blogging

And, as you can see from my Blog Income Reports, I made $1 million in less than two years with no advertising.

This tutorial will teach you how to make more money blogging this year by covering SEO, keyword research, content marketing, WordPress, and affiliate marketing.

Let's get this party started.

In 2021, here's how to make money blogging:

First and foremost, you must learn how to set up a blog. Getting a hosting provider and a web address is the first step. Bluehost is the #1 WordPress-recommended host, and it offers more than enough tools to accomplish everything stated in this article.

With my referral, you can begin with Bluehost for $2.95 per month (a savings of 63%).

I won't give you a list of choices like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, online courses, or advertising because this essay is about making money this year.

However, we'll focus on developing your site like a startup by selecting a topic, building your content, and marketing your blog in three months to earn $10,000 per month.

Let's take your new blog and scale it like a startup.

Choose your blog's niche based on market factors rather than your personal interests.

There's a reason why 95% of bloggers fail, and it's not for the reasons you think.

Bloggers fail because they aren't “passionate enough,” according to popular belief.

They advise, “Push through failure to succeed.”

The #1 result on Google for “why bloggers fail” is the same: bloggers fail because they aren't passionate enough.

This viewpoint is categorically rejected by me.

Bloggers fail for the same reason that every other business fails: they are not lucrative.

Take, for example, my interests.

Distance running, flying airplanes, astronomy, Detroit-style pizza, drumming, traveling, personal development, and so on are some of my passions.

I'd burn out 100% of the time if I published a limitless number of blog entries about one of these topics without making any money.

Some bloggers also declare, “I'm not in it for the money” or “It's just a pastime.”

Hobby bloggers are simply inexperienced bloggers who have yet to figure out how to generate money. There are beginners and professionals in any creative digital field, whether it's design, web development, photography, copywriting, or video editing.

And, because most bloggers begin by money blogging about a hobby and then try to sort out the rest back, they're bound to fail.

Blog Passion Myth

Additionally, money blogging guidance is out of date, created solely to search the Web, and recommends a wide technique to market to the largest potential audience.

Bloggers do not fail due to a lack of enthusiasm (they have that in spades).

Bloggers fail because they are unable to shift from being a blogger to running a business.

As a result, they chose a non-profitable niche with a low-value audience. New bloggers sometimes overlook the strategic value of networking and connections. They also lack sufficient market demand to scale traffic.

I'm rooting for you to succeed.

Before starting a blog, it's critical to pick a specialization based on three commercial considerations: consumer funding capacity, organizational strength, and market need.

More blog articles can be found in my guide to starting a money blogging business.

Budgetary Capacity of the Audience.

You must fix a pain problem for your audience in order to provide a good product on your blog. That is self-evident.

As a blogger, you should gain a thorough understanding of your audience's problems in order to provide the most in-demand answer. Check.

Begin by looking for niches in which you are a member of the target audience. This allows your domain expertise to shine through more quickly.

But don't think that once you've gotten that far, you should go ahead and make a generic list of 100 specializations to limit it down. Watercolors? K-Pop? Travel? I wish you luck with that.

What is the most crucial aspect to consider when deciding on a niche for your blog?

What is the maximum amount of money that your audience is willing to spend?

That's all there is to it.

Just take a look at this article for more details.

So, let's pretend you're planning to create a blog in the home design sector.

Different readers may be attracted to different themes on your site. Professional interior designers, college design students, and even stay-at-home parents seeking the newest home decor ideas could be among the visitors.

money blog

You'd start a new blog and send your viewers down the sales funnel to monetize this niche:

Is it, however, a lucrative audience? Stay-at-home moms, college students, and a few professionals making a decent living?

Here's the deal:

You can enhance your blog's income potential by 200x by changing only one word in your topic.

Simply substitute “home design” for “retail design.”

Allow me to explain.

By including a B2B component, you've effectively moved your readership from individuals to businesses, doubling the revenue potential of your blog.

Consider it this way: You earn more money marketing to huge businesses rather than individuals for two reasons. The first one is that they've had more money at their disposal. Second, they are not paying for it out of their own wallet.

Budgets for Marketing by Industry 

The beauty of this technique is that your website launch, content delivering strategy, and sales pipeline are nearly the same for both the B2C and B2B “home design” categories.

The good news is that, while B2C “home design” monetization ended at a $300 course, the B2B “retail design” segment continues.

You'll be known as a B2B design expert once you've established your professional brand. This power enables you to increase your price from a $20 affiliate commission or a $300 course to a $5,000/month recurring consulting service.

It's not enough to know what your audience's problems are.

Your customers must be in a profitable B2B sector and pay on a monthly recurring basis in order to 200x your potential revenue.

Affiliate Programs That Recur

To summarise, rather than focusing on your hobbies and attracting thousands of low-value site visits, focus on closing 2-3 high-value clients when choosing your niche.

With this method, I hope you can see why I am so confident that you can make $10,000 per month in 90 days with a new site.

Choose a niche for your blog based on your professional experience:

After you've found a profitable audience to serve, the next step is to figure out what strategic advantages you have over others.

Consider the following questions:

What is my current level of experience in the field?

What industry relationships do I have?

Is it possible to turn this knowledge into a profitable blog?

Who would take me seriously if I could pitch any website on the globe to contribute a guest post?

You must first establish influence in order to create a truly effective blog. And, in order to gain authority, you must venture outside of your comfort zone and make the most of your relationships, professional expertise, and everything else at your disposal.

You'll also be doing a lot of networking to meet new people.

Building relationships is an important part of outreach so you may guest post on authoritative sites in your niche. These postings can help you gain relevant, high-DA backlinks for SEO, which is still one of the most effective techniques to improve your Google search rankings. According to 2019 Internet statistics from Broadband Search, Google processes 3.5 billion queries every day or over 40,000 per second. There seems to be a lot of traffic to deal with.

And when you're just getting started, you might not have a lot of contacts or published content. “Why would someone feature me?” you might wonder.

Using your background to your advantage is quite beneficial.

If you're a photojournalist, for example, you might have a client base, connections from regional meet-up clubs, and even know photographic influencers you've met before. If you can make use of these connections in the future, your blog's growth will be accelerated.

Market Demand Is Required for Your Niche.

Before you begin, do some research to determine if people are searching for the topics you want to write about – and whether or not they are monetizable.

“Best” list posts and “how-to” tutorials are the two main sorts of monetizable keywords.

Affiliate marketing money is more likely to come from these two main sorts of keywords.

In the case of the “best” list posts, for example:

This may be anything like “best travel insurance” or “best travel backpack” in terms of travel.

It can be both ” Great Roth IRA” or “best savings accounts” in finance.

In the world of technology, it could be something like “best VR headset” or “best PS5 exclusives.”

When individuals are looking for the “best” things, they go for long-form recommendations written by bloggers that promote products. The majority of these will have excellent affiliate programs that you can join and market.

These could be: in the case of “how-to” guides:

These how-to manuals are long-form lessons containing a lot of useful information. These can also be used to include affiliate links.

Take your selected topic and come up with the top 10 keywords to target once you've figured out your leverage and passions.

Next, enter your terms into a keyword research tool like Growth Bar, Google Keyword Planner, SEM Rush, or A hrefs.

You can use Growth Bar to conduct keyword research while searching on Google.

Growth Bar

When it comes to keyword research, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If your top five keywords have a search volume of at least 5,000, it indicates that these topics are popular. In this blog article, here's an example of my goal keyword:


Keyword Ahrefs How to Make Money Blogging

Look at the keyword difficulty score after that (a number from 0 to 100 on how difficult it will be to rank for the keyword).

If your keywords have a difficulty level of 80 or higher, you may find it challenging to create an impact.

To acquire more traffic with less competition, look for target keywords with over 2,000 monthly searches and a difficulty score of less than 50.

Using an SEO tool like Ahrefs to see search engine results page (SERP) data is another technique to see competition. Look for the first page results' Domain Rating (DR) as well as the SERP position history.

If all of the top ten results have a DR of over 70, your new blog with a DR of 0 will not appear on page one, resulting in no visitors

However, if you notice a website with a DR of less than 50 on page one, it's a strong sign that you'll be able to outrank them with excellent content over time.

Finally, if the SERP position history hasn't changed in the recent six months, it signifies that positions 1 through 5 have remained unchanged. In certain circumstances, the competition for that keyword may be too fierce.

To summarise, when studying the market need for your blog, look for keywords that include:

Make sure to pick a niche that fits your audience's budget, professional leverage, and market demand.

Find an audience that you can relate to and learn about their problems. To 200x your revenue potential, uplevel that audience to ensure there's a B2B component. Make the most of your connections, professional experience, and other resources. Also, be sure there's a market for your niche.

Because, in the end, money does not produce passion; passion creates money.

Are you ready to begin? With my link, you can get Bluehost for $2.95/month (a savings of 63%).

Begin your journey with Bluehost.

Stop writing so much and scale your content creation.

What if I told you that the first 90 days of your blog have nothing to do with your blog and that you will not publish a single word?

If money blogging isn't the key to scaling and earning from it?

Which one if all you've learned about establishing a blog has slowed you down?

Keep in mind that you're a business owner, not merely a money blogging.

You shouldn't spend your time creating first draughts from days 0 to 90. I'm not going to give you the same old, out-of-date advice. I'm not going to talk about how to write about your passions, how to stick to an editorial calendar, how to develop writing habits, or how to maintain consistency in your writing (or anything about writing for that matter).

Instead, we'll scale your site like a startup, allowing you to establish trust in your niche faster.

Getting writing assistance is one of the most effective ways to accomplish so. You can utilize a service like Fiverr to find freelance writers instead of creating every initial draught yourself. There are several writers who will write blog posts for you so that you may focus on editing, publishing, and link development.

There are five primary components to this procedure in total:

Repeat indefinitely: Outreach Guest Post Outsource Backlinks

My blog acquired over 5,000 backlinks from 1,000+ domains and a +74 Domain Rating (DR) gain after implementing this approach for the first year after its debut.

Most importantly, I continued to see significant year-over-year traffic growth:

You can stop reading now if you're a blogger who wants to focus on writing, consistency, passion, and habits.

Let's start monetizing if you're one of the similar-minded people who's serious about growing your site like a CEO (rather than a hobby blogger).

Relationships are the foundation of your life.

You need to understand one primary theme before you start creating relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your field. You must enrich the lives of others. Don't go into the relationship-building process only thinking about what you'll receive out of it. First and foremost, you must concentrate on the advantages you will provide to others.

Consider this: what value do you provide to the relationship?

Could you contribute material because your knowledge aligns with the interests of their target audience?

Is their blog in desperate need of content to keep up with their editorial schedule?

Can you use link building to their benefit in additional guest posts you write?

Is there a subject you know a lot about that they don't cover on their blog?

Understanding your value and what you can do to help is the first step in pitching. This data will be critical in developing your initial email outreach strategy.

To begin, make a list of sites that are relevant to you.

It's time to start creating your blog outreach list once you've determined the value you can supply. This list should be a simple spreadsheet with five columns, including the following: website, name, email address, status, and so on.

Plug the target blog's URL into an SEO tool like Ahrefs to find out how many monthly visitors they get and what their Domain Authority (DA) is. Choose blogs with a Domain Authority of 50 or above.

Remember that the greater the DA, the better the partnership possibility and the more SEO benefit you'll get from it. Find an article like this one that lists the top blogs and websites that accept guest articles, along with their Domain Authority scores, to save time throughout your search.

When you've narrowed down your options of blogs using the criteria above, it's important to reach the appropriate person.

To begin, make use of LinkedIn.

Start by narrowing your results by the blog's company page, and then look for people within the organization using terms like “Content Manager,” “SEO Manager,” “Editor,” or simply “Content.”

Connect with 2-3 potential contacts on LinkedIn when you've found them. Second-degree LinkedIn relationships are preferable to third-degree connections, and having a shared contact is even better. Spending too much time on your connection message can result in it being buried or appearing spammy.

After you've reached out on LinkedIn, examine the blog for email addresses with an email service like displays your email structure, such as or, even if you can't identify the contact's precise email address. Fill up the blanks in your spreadsheet with this information.

make money

Begin building relationships while pitching guest posts.

Content and links are provided via valuable money blogging relationships. It's time to start your email outreach when you've compiled a list of 50-100 potential connections and reached out via LinkedIn.

You may scale your guest money blogging strategy by starting the relationship with an email template and asking for a guest post at the same time.

And here is an example of a design that I had used:

Hello there (First Name),

My name is Adam, and I work at (Title) (Blog).

I'm contacting you because I enjoy (Target Blog) and would like to work with you on the material.

I was wondering if: 

1) you'd like to help with link building. I write (X-X) guest posts every month and would be delighted to include a link to your website in my writing.

2) Your blog accepts guest postings.

I'd love to contribute to your (amazing? informative? helpful?) blog, and I have a few topic suggestions that I think your readers will like. Here are a few of my most latest samples:

(Sample 1 URL) (Sample 2 URL) (Sample 3 URL) (Sample 4 URL) (Sample 5 URL) (Sample 3 URL)

Please let me know if you're interested, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!



That is all there is to it.

You may save time and expand your process by building a relationship and pitching a guest post at the same time by using a guest post email template and knowing how to start an email greeting.

You must pitch the perfect topic if your contact responds to your email and says they are interested in a guest post.

There are four primary criteria to consider when pitching a guest money blogging topic:

Your work isn't yet available on their website. When you've come up with a topic, go to Google and type in “ topic” to see if it's previously been covered.

Your subject and targeted keywords are both SEO-friendly. Return to Ahrefs and type in the blog's URL. Examine which relevant keywords are bringing in the most traffic to discover if there are any content gaps that you can fix.

The subject is a good fit for you. You should be capable of writing intelligently on the topic and then use the visitor blog to increase your niche's impact.

The subject is relevant to the audience's interests. Examine their editorial rules, as well as how they compose their blog entries, and try to emulate their style.

You can go on to the meat of your guest posting approach once your topic has been approved.

Guest Blogging's Importance.

In January of this year, I tried out guest money blogging. My goal was to write as many guest posts as possible in 15 days to see how they affected my site's SEO analytics and traffic.

After 15 days, the following were the results:

Eight guest articles with DAs of 81, 73, 60, 66, 71, 61, 94, and 84 were published on websites with DAs of 81, 73, 60, 66, 71, 61, 94, and 84.

There are 32 new referring domains.

247 new backlinks.

There are 268 new organic keywords in the top 100.

Organic traffic increased by 372 percent, with a 12 percent gain in Ahrefs Domain Authority and a 600,000 increase in Alexa Rank.

The results were clear: guest posting on high-DA sites has a significant impact on the SEO of a new blog. Link building is the most difficult SEO practice to perfect, according to 65 percent of marketers, but it can also be the most profitable.

That's why I suggest starting a blog with five “pillar posts” – long-form, SEO-optimized content designed to attract inbound links. To make linking easier, include data, infographics, and case studies.

Even as my blog matures, I continue to strive to submit at least one guest piece for every post I publish.

Remember to concentrate on the business and connection side of things rather than the writing when you're first learning how to make money blogging.

The content quality of your guest posts, on the other hand, is critical. Make sure your headings, paragraph text, and links to your material are all used correctly. If you want to increase the quality of your writing, follow the guest post rules carefully and utilize one of the top grammar checker programs.

Update 2020: In 2019, I published over 80 guest pieces, raised my Domain Rating to 74, and now have over 400,000 monthly visitors to my blog (as of May 2020).

Update 2021: I've continued to write guest pieces, raised my Domain Rating to 78, and grown the number of monthly visitors to over 500,000.

This article contains affiliate links, which may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you. These, on the other hand, are the best tools for making money blogging this year. My user agreement contains information on my affiliate declaration.

How to Make Money from Your Blog the Correct Way

Affiliate marketing, advertisements, online learning, one-on-one training, consultancy, advertisements, selling physical things, and so on are all viable methods for making money blogging. Some of these revenue streams necessitate a higher volume of visitation than others.

As a result, it's critical to prepare your future revenue-generating strategy with the relevant topics of promotion at the appropriate stages of your blog's lifetime.

Create a timeline for future blog monetization.

For example, if you've recently started a new vacation blog, it's not a good idea to plaster adverts all over it. To make money with these strategies, you'll need hundreds and thousands of monthly visits.

Likewise, you should not begin an affiliate program by cramming a bundle of links all over the place. A single sale can take thousands of visitors to generate affiliate marketing money.

Yes, with affiliate programs, seminars, advertising dollars, and digital services, you can finally get to a point where you're producing “passive income,” but it can take years.

What if you wanted to start earning money from your websites in three months and leave your job?

What's the great news?

The most profitable method of website monetization can be implemented right now and does not necessitate a large amount of traffic.

Your ideal blog monetization timetable will concentrate on increasing revenue at every level of your blog's development.

There are four main areas of concentration:

If you have a completely new site with little traffic, it may seem contradictory to begin with consulting. You can acquire high-end clients right away because you're creating relationships and managing your site like a company.

money blogger

This essay will focus on days 1 through 90 and how to develop your high-end sales pipeline so you can start making money blogging right away.

Are you ready to begin? With my referral, you can get Bluehost for $2.95 per month ( and saves up to 63%). Begin your blog with Bluehost 

Master the Sales Pipeline on Your Site:

Your sales pipeline will be divided into five sections, each of which will take users along the path to your ultimate goal of an elevated $3,000+ consultation offer. You can concentrate on smaller offers like online classes, secure payment, blog ads, and digital downloads as your traffic grows. Therefore, the most profitable strategy to promote a personal website is to start with an expensive promotion.

As your traffic grows, it's a simple balancing act of revenue. The greater your price must be to compensate for the fact that your blog is newer and has less traffic:

High Traffic x Low Price Equals Low Traffic x High Price

The five steps to getting prospects along your sales funnel are as follows:

Automation with Convert Kit

Your first five blog entries, a one-page opt-in “freebie,” an email platform and list, and a consultation page are all you need for a brand new site.

You're a business owner, not a blogger, I'll say it again.

Consider all of the local business websites that appear to be from 1996 – auto mechanics, banking services, real estate sites, and so on. They might get a few hundred visitors every month if they're lucky. However, their website generates cash because it fills a market demand and provides a solution with high-end services.

From the start, your blog must provide a service that meets market demand.

Your new blog's initial focus should not be on writing a number of blog entries that no one will read. Rather, concentrate on having only five high-quality pillar posts, a consultation page, and a well-tuned sales funnel. The remainder will be handled by your sales outreach.

Become an expert in your high-end consulting service:

As previously said, you must have a dialed-in sales funnel with the end aim of converting $3,000+ transactions to business clients when choosing your niche.

Your goal for making money blogging should be to drive traffic to your consulting page from the start. This page should be in your top-level navigation, and it should include keyword research for the terms that your high-end corporate clients look for on Google.

Make sure you have a good photo of yourself on the page, as well as easy ways to contact you.

Your Consulting page should be strategically linked from your Home page, Start Here page, About page, and blog entries. You should also include a link to this page in your guest author bio when providing guest pieces. Here's how mine appears, complete with bolded links:

Adam Enfroy is a digital marketing specialist and blogger. He resides in Austin, Texas, and blogs at about how to blog like a startup.

Make use of the enchanted email opt-in formula:

To get the most email subscribers, combine email marketing software with an on-site email opt-in tool while creating your sales funnel.

What is the secret to success?

Optin Monster + Convert Kit

For blogs, Convert Kit is the greatest email marketing tool.

It's fantastic for several reasons:

To customize your funnels, you may construct complex email sequences based on various site behaviors. Note: 59 percent of customers feel personalization has an impact on their purchasing decisions.

Then, based on actions within emails, you may develop drip campaigns and link sequences together.

Finally, it's ideal for webmasters because their text messages seem professional and don't have the distracting advertising that MailChimp and other sites have.

Automation with Convert Kit:

The most profit for your site comes from basic text messages sent to members. Don't stress about adding flashy design elements, a logo, or a slew of photos.

Consider the scenario. Exactly what sort of email would a salesperson send if they were attempting to complete a $3,000 deal? Instead of an unfriendly, image-heavy marketing email, it would be a message communication built on a healthy connection.

Optin Monster is the greatest email opt-in solution available, working in conjunction with the email service. It's a WordPress plugin for generating more email subscribers that you can successfully connect with your website (and ConvertKit).

Sidebar opt-ins, intent pop-ups, and even polls within your blog posts may all be created using OptinMonster. I have one pop-up for exit purposes, one opt-in in the sidebar, one on different pages, and one at the end of blog articles.

A campaign by OptinMonster:

You can increase the number of potential visitors who enter your email pipeline and convert them into customers by using these mail opt-in kinds on your blog.

With vigor Affiliate marketing is the main focus:

Affiliate marketing is the preferred method of monetizing my blog.

Almost every single one of the most valuable blogs excels at affiliate marketing.

You must also rank for terms on Google and negotiate purchasing decisions to be a successful affiliate. This is what it looks like:

Purchase via Google => Your Blog.

Confused? Consider the following examples.

In the financial field, NerdWallet is a huge affiliate. You'll always find them at or near the top of the SERPs when you Google “best credit cards”:

Credit Cards that Work the Best Search using Google

money make

When you visit their site and click their link, you'll see a list of the top selections, along with affiliate connections to buy the cards:

 NerdWallet Best Credit Cards Example

On the page, there are 41 alternatives, each with a block of SEO-friendly material beneath it.

When a user clicks on one of the “Apply Now” affiliate links, they are taken to the company's offer page, and NerdWallet is paid a commission.

This page is a money-printing passive income engine, as “best credit cards” get searched 182,000 times every month.

Now let us take a glance at a different scenario.

What do we notice when we visit Laptop Mag? Another article with affiliate links that recommend products:

The Best Laptops in Laptop Magazine Example

Laptop Mag (source)

If a reader hits the “View at Dell” button, they are led to the product page on via an affiliate link, and Laptop Mag receives a percentage on each transaction.

This post is another passive money machine, with 112,000 searches each month for “best laptops.”

When we ran these Google searches, did you notice anything interesting?

There was no actual company selling the products that ranked for these searches. On page one, there were no Capital One or Discover listings – only affiliate blogs. There were no rankings for “best laptop” from Dell, Best Buy, or HP — it was just blogs.

What is the reason for this?

When people search for the “best” things, they expect thorough reviews, not product sites.

Consumers aren't ready to make a purchase just yet. They choose to read a long analysis that compares the various possibilities.

This is how blogs generate revenue. They're intermediaries who help people find what they're looking for. They use search engines to drive traffic, offer advice, and encourage consumers to click discount codes.

That's all there is to it.

So, where do you begin?

You should start writing commercial blog entries right now.

To get you to begin, here are a few facilities:

How Much Can You Earn From Blogging?

Bloggers are able to earn money in a variety of ways. Successful bloggers can earn well into the seven figures per year, while others may not make any money at all. Many blogs recommend aiming for $2,000 per month in recurring income within a year. However, in the first 90 days, using the monetization tactics outlined below, I generated $17k in monthly recurring revenue.

So, let's get started making money off your site.

You've decided on a niche for your site, outsourced your articles, and devised a revenue strategy. It's time to see how much income you can make in 90 days by blogging.

You'll need the following items before starting this project:

If you want to build a WordPress blog, Bluehost is the place to go.

You wish to promote five-pillar blog entries.

All website contents are complete, including the Home page, the Email Opt-In page, the Contact form, the Consultation page, the References page, and the Start Here page, among others.

Set up opt-ins in your sidebar, blog posts, and exit intent with email marketing software.

Using Convert Kit and Option Monster, create an active mail sales pipeline with a welcome email series.

You should have a content marketing writer or freelance writer on standby to assist you with your guest blogging funnel.

Your 90-day blog monetization strategy can begin once you've completed these steps and launched your blog

You'll see that my strategy for making money blogging is nearly entirely based on outreach.

You may maximize your influence by creating relationships and obtaining backlinks now that your creative content, sales process, and blog entries have been published.

Influential connections, professional connections, blogging forums, and high-end customers are all important marketing targets.

It's time to execute your blog in 90 days like a company.

Let's make some serious, life-altering money through blogging.

1st week:


Start reaching out to influencers, get five guest post ideas approved, make second-tier professional relationships, and join blogging groups.


Weeks 2 and 3:


Publish the first two guest blogs, receive approval for five more guest posts, and reach out to high-end B2B client profiles.


Week four:


Reach out to high-end B2B client personas, write two more guest pieces, and start building a link network.



This blog article will walk you through the first four weeks of making money blogging. Sign up for my email list below to get a free 10,000+ word email course, a 7-Day Blog Launch Checklist, and your whole 90-day strategy to make $10,000.

To summarise how I want you to think about making money blogging, consider the following:

To generate $10,000 in recurring monthly revenue from your blog, you must either:

A.Every month, sell 200 affiliate marketing products for $50 each. B. Close three to four high-end consultancy deals. Which is the less difficult option? The affiliate marketing option may necessitate 25,000-50,000 monthly site visitors, whereas the consulting option just necessitates a little amount of experience and a sales funnel.

Are you ready to start blogging for a living? With my link, you can get Bluehost for $2.95/month (a savings of 63%).

Begin your journey with Bluehost.

This article contains affiliate links, which may result in a small commission for me at no additional cost to you. These, on the other hand, are the best tools for making money blogging this year. My affiliate disclosure can be found in my privacy policy.

FAQ about How to Make Money Blogging.

Is it possible to make a living from blogging?

Yes, you can make a living from blogging, and it can be quite profitable. The ugly reality is that the great majority of bloggers do not earn enough money to make ends meet. I started my site in 2019 and generated over $80,000 each month from it, as you can see in my Blog Income Report.


What are the best ways for new bloggers to make money?

It can take some time to start earning an income if you're just starting off. Bloggers should offer advising and coaching services to earn a bigger revenue in exchange for their time in the early stages. Because traffic levels are minimal at first, it makes the most sense to convert those visitors into consumers with a higher-priced offer.

Bloggers can include sponsored posts, digital products, and adverts to their blogs if they have a stable stream of consultancy money and increased visitors.

What is the average income of a blogger?

Bloggers earn a broad range of amounts of money. Revenue for each month is broken down into the following categories, according to a Pro Blogger Review:

Nearly 38% of bloggers earn less than $10 each day.

10% of bloggers make between $10 and $99.00 each month

Between $100 and $499, 17 percent of bloggers make.

4.7% make between $500 and $999 every year.

5.9% make between $1,000 and $9,999 each year.

6.4% have a salary of $10,000 or more.

Do bloggers have to pay income taxes?

Yes, whether an LLC, S Corp, or sole proprietorship, bloggers must pay taxes on their earnings. Different sources of income necessitate different tax obligations.

If you sell things on your blog, for example, you only have to collect sales taxes if your buyer lives inside your tax nexus (in the US, this is typically the state you reside in). The majority of e-commerce platforms handle these calculations for you.

The companies you promote will treat you as a 1099 independent contractor if you earn money through affiliate networks.

For the tax season, you'll need to employ accounting software and keep a good record of your books, regardless of your company form.

Is an LLC required for my blog?

The short answer is no, an LLC is not required to start a blog. You can start as a sole proprietor and deduct your earnings from your personal income taxes. There are tax advantages to forming an LLC or S Corp if you start producing a significant amount of money.

Who is the wealthiest blogger in the world?

The Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington is the world's wealthiest blogger. Her news website, which she created in 2005, currently generates over $2 million every month.

Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, is another wealthy blogger. His technological blog earns him roughly $800,000 every month.


You may 200x your blog's earning potential by choosing a specialization based on market considerations and B2B components.

You can 200x your backlink acquisition and Domain Authority by scaling your content strategy, executing ongoing SEO site audits, and outsourcing elements of your writing process (DA).

Finally, you may generate life-changing money as a blogger in 90 days, not five years, if you choose the appropriate high-end blog monetization tactics from the start.

Using these strategies, I was making $35k/month by month 9, had 7.1k backlinks from 1,000 new referring domains, boosted my Domain Rating from 0 to 73, and increased my traffic from 0 to 250,000+ readers/month in the first year of my new blog.

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