Affiliate marketing, advertisements, online courses, one-on-one coaching, consultancy, sponsored posts, selling physical things, and so on are all viable methods for making money blogging. Some of these revenue streams necessitate a higher volume of visitation than another blog.

As a result, it's critical to prepare your future revenue-generating strategy with the appropriate forms of monetization at the appropriate stages of your blog's lifecycle.

Create A Timeline For Future Blog Monetization.

For example, if you've recently started a new vacation blog, it's not a good idea to plaster adverts all over it. To make money with these strategies, you'll need hundreds of thousands of monthly visits.

Similarly, you should not begin affiliate marketing by cramming a bunch of links all over the place. A single sale can take thousands of visitors to generate affiliate marketing money.


Yes, with affiliate marketing, courses, ad revenue, and digital products, you can eventually get to a point where you're generating “passive income,” but it can take years.

What if you wanted to start making money from your blog in three months and quit your job?

What's the good news?

The most profitable method of blog monetization can be implemented right now and does not necessitate a large amount of traffic.

Your ideal blog monetization timetable will concentrate on increasing revenue at every level of your blog's development.

There Are Four Main Areas Of Concentration:

High-end consultancy from 1 to 90 days (0-1,000 monthly site visitors)

Affiliate marketing takes 90-180 days (1,000-2,500 monthly site visitors)

180-365 days: Launch your first online course (at least 5,000 monthly visitors)

The next 365 days and beyond: (10,000+ monthly site visitors) Course memberships

If you have a brand new blog with little traffic, it may seem counterintuitive to begin with consulting. You can acquire high-end clients right away because you're creating relationships and treating your blog like a company.

This essay will focus on days 1 through 90 and how to perfect your high-end sales funnel so you can start making money blogging right away.

Master The Sales Funnel On Your Blog

Your sales funnel will be divided into five sections, each of which will take users along the path to your ultimate goal of a high-end $3,000+ consultation offer. You can focus on lower-priced offers like online courses, affiliate products, sponsored posts, and digital downloads as your traffic grows. However, the most profitable strategy to monetize a new blog is to start with an expensive offer.

As your traffic grows, it's a simple balancing act of revenue. The higher your price must be to compensate for the fact that your blog is newer and has less traffic:

High Traffic x Low Price Equals Low Traffic x High Price

The five steps to getting prospects along your sales funnel are as follows:

Your high-quality blog post about your high-end offer is read by a user.

They join your email list in exchange for a one-page “freebie” offer.

Optional: To create confidence, include a lower-cost offer of $50-200. 

Your welcome email series weaves a tale and leads them down the path to scheduling a meeting with you.

Finally, your ideal B2B clients schedule an appointment with you and pay for your high-end consulting services.

Become An Expert In Your High-end Consulting Service

As previously said, you must have a dialed-in sales funnel with the end aim of converting $3,000+ transactions to business clients when choosing your niche.

Your goal for making money blogging should be to drive traffic to your consulting page from the start. This page should be in your top-level navigation, and it should include keyword research for the terms that your high-end corporate clients look for on Google.

Make sure you have a good photo of yourself on the page, as well as easy ways to contact you.

Your Consulting page should be strategically linked from your Home page, Start Here page, About page, and blog entries. You should also include a link to this page in your guest author bio when providing guest pieces.


Make Use Of The Enchanted Email Opt-in Formula

To get the most email subscribers, combine email marketing software with an on-site email opt-in tool while creating your sales funnel.

What is the secret to success?

OptinMonster + ConvertKit

For blogs, ConvertKit is the greatest email marketing tool.

It's Fantastic For Several Reasons:

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