The software available for online stores is very diverse. However, for the most part, it only responds to the most common user needs. What if, on the other hand, the current business is much more specific? e-commerce.

The majority of e-shop owners' or those who want to start an e-needs shop are the same. They need software that will allow them to place products on the website with ease and speed. Accept and manage orders, and position the shop. It's also critical that the service concept is friendly and intuitive. It including tools that increase customer satisfaction (e.g., a price comparison engine, a good search site, google results filters, cost calculator) and prevent cart abandonment (e.g., by allowing customers to shop without registering).

What Is An E-commerce Platform?


The e-commerce site is a large and diverse online shop. It's ideal for production companies and businesses that sell a product that's tough to trade in a regular store and have unique requirements.

The e-commerce platform includes many of the features found in a standard e-shop, as well as many more. It is usually tailored to the form of a particular company while retaining the basic choices. This is due to the development of add-ons that expand its functionality and cater to the unique needs of a given company. Since the platform's fundamentals are retained and can be easily applied, the execution time is significantly reduced compared to developing dedicated applications from scratch.

Possibilities Of An E-commerce Website

The e-commerce platform is a comprehensive product designed for large online stores, but it can also work well for smaller ones. It has a lot of potentials that begs to be explored. They contain, in addition to the essential ones, which are also available in traditional online stores:

Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level sales are possible thanks to the network (producer, distributors, end customers). This implies that, in order to allow end consumers to make conventional e-purchases, it also facilitates the transfer of orders between producers and consumers. They've loaded the site with a slew of tools that make sales a breeze.

Configurator For Products

The product configurator is a large visualization device. That allows you to show your customers the product in all of its different iterations. It's a large online (and mobile) application that allows customers to see what the item they're buying looks like before they purchase it. Furthermore, it has access to all of the product's available options. When he chooses them, he considers their appearance as well as the total cost of the setup.

Who Would Benefit From An E-commerce Platform?


The e-commerce platform is the best solution for medium and large businesses with a large offer that is difficult to present in a traditional e-store because of its extensive capabilities. This problem is solved by the product configurator, which visualizes the product in all of its variations. Companies that conduct multi-level sales will find the platform to be a good fit. Our tools will streamline all processes and make managing even large numbers of orders from retail customers and distributors much easier.

Window, door, and garage door producers; furniture; built-in wardrobes; home appliances and electronic devices; automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, sports equipment, clothing, and shoes. Much more are among the sectors where the e-commerce site can provide the best results. Financial firms, such as banks, pension funds, and insurance companies, as well as service companies, such as printing houses and travel agencies, may use the platform. These are only a few of the possible applications; there are several more.

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