Boosting Pharmacy Conversions: A Case Study on Conversational Texting


In today's digital age, consumers expect fast, personalized service from businesses, and the healthcare industry is no exception. In an effort to meet these expectations, many pharmacies are turning to conversational text marketing as a way to increase conversions and improve patient satisfaction. This case study will explore how the pharmacy company successfully implemented a conversational text marketing campaign to optimize their conversion rates.

Company Information

The pharmacy company is a family-owned pharmacy that has been serving the community for over 30 years. Their mission is to provide high-quality pharmacy services to their patients and improve their overall health and well-being. They offer a variety of services, including prescription filling, medication management, and immunizations.

Effective Ways of Integrating Conversational Texting

Appointment Reminders

Send automated appointment reminders to patients via text message to reduce no-shows and improve patient attendance rates.

Medication Reminders

Set up automated medication reminders to ensure patients take their medication as prescribed, leading to better health outcomes and improved medication adherence rates.


Send text message reminders to patients when their prescription refills are due, making it more convenient for patients to refill their medication and improving patient satisfaction.

Personalized Recommendations

Utilize patient data and preferences to send personalized recommendations, such as recommended vitamins or over-the-counter products, to increase sales and improve patient engagement.

Goals and Metrics for Success

The main goal of this campaign is to increase conversion rates and improve patient satisfaction. Metrics for success include:

Increased appointment attendance rates

Improved medication adherence rates

Increased prescription refill rates

Improved patient engagement and satisfaction

Implementation Steps


Our pharmacy creates custom medications to meet each of our patients’ individual needs, including sometimes their pets’. Our goal is to make a trip to the pharmacy a positive experience for your health, instead of a frustrating errand. We want our communication to be as human as us, which is why we looked into text messaging.


My team originally used Zipwhip to manage our texting at the start of the pandemic, when we were doing curbside pickups. But with Zipwhip now shutting down, we needed to transfer all the contacts and data we’ve gathered to a new provider.


Text Request has drastically reduced our call volume for Covid-19 tests, because we use the keyword COVID as a way to give status updates on when kits are available. The templates have also made our review request process much more efficient. Because everyone has their own account, I can monitor how my team is texting.

Onboarding all my staff was incredibly easy, because I just had to share Jess’s training link with them. She also walked me through how to set up SMS Chat on our website, so patients can now text us directly from our website.

As a whole, it’s helping to make our patient experience the best in the business, which bolsters our brand’s reputation. Text Request has added so much more functionality to what we were already texting for, and I’m excited to work with Jess and Customer Success to learn how else we can use the platform. It’s already a much better tool for us.

Potential Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles:


At Business Inc Online, we have helped many pharmacies optimize their conversion rates through the use of conversational text marketing.

By implementing personalized messaging and automation, pharmacies can improve patient engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased conversions and improved health outcomes.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your pharmacy achieve its marketing goals through conversational text marketing.

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