Daycare Center Start Up

Results From Daycare Center Start Up The Results $50,000 personal loan $21,000 business credit card funding About Our Company We obtained $71,000 for a client seeking funding to start up a daycare; she intends to use the accounts to cover build out and equipment costs such as a jungle gym, swing set, etc. The Work […]

Transportation Start-Up

Results From Transportation Start-Up The Results $140,000 unsecured personal loans $2800 LOAN PER MONTH About The Client This merchant was working as a W2 employee for a company and felt he was ready to try and run his own business driving for himself. He had the credit and verifiable income needed to qualify for $140,000 […]

IT Staffing Business

Results From IT Staffing Business The Results $125,500 mix of loans and lines 9.9% closing cost About The Client This client obtained $125,500 to for his recruiting business that he launched a year ago; lenders would not give him traditional financing due to his time in business but, he needed more money to keep up […]