A Restaurant’s customers keep coming back for traditional Italian Cuisine by expanding reach with Yext


In the highly competitive restaurant industry, local business listings and voice-search marketing have become vital tools for maximizing visibility, increasing customer engagement, and driving business growth. This case study highlights a comprehensive marketing campaign conducted for an Italian Cuisine restaurant, focusing on leveraging local business listings and voice-search strategies. By harnessing the efficiency of local directory listings, optimizing for voice search, and utilizing the latest technologies, our objective was to generate leads, foster customer loyalty, boost ROI, and elevate overall brand awareness.

Company Information

Our client is a renowned Italian Cuisine restaurant known for its authentic dishes, warm ambiance, and exceptional service. Despite its strong reputation, Our client have faced challenges in reaching local customers and desired a marketing campaign that would enhance their visibility within the local community, attract new diners, and set them apart from competitors.


Increase Visibility

Optimize the restaurant's online presence by ensuring accurate and comprehensive local business listings across popular directories and platforms.

Drive Lead Generation

Generation: Utilize voice-search optimization to attract and engage potential customers actively using voice assistants or voice-enabled devices.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Implement effective marketing strategies to build lasting relationships with existing customers, encouraging repeat visits and positive reviews.

Boost ROI

Increase foot traffic, reservations, and online orders through targeted local search marketing initiatives.

Measure Success

Establish clear metrics, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and implement a monitoring system to assess campaign effectiveness and make data-driven optimizations.

Strategies and Implementation:

Local Business

Voice-Search Optimization

Effective Marketing Strategies

Potential Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles:

  • Technical Optimization

    Continuously monitor and optimize the restaurant's website for voice-search compatibility, ensuring seamless functionality across different devices and voice-enabled platforms.

  • Evolving Menu and Offerings

    Stay updated with changing consumer preferences and trends in the culinary industry to tailor marketing strategies and menu offerings accordingly.

  • Local Partnerships and Collaborations

    Forge partnerships with local businesses, such as wineries or food-related events, to expand the restaurant's reach and tap into their customer networks.

  • Reputation Management

    Continuously monitor and respond to customer reviews and feedback promptly to maintain a positive online reputation.

Results and Metrics for Success

With the usage of Yext, the restaurant has been able to push out the correct data to dozens of search result sites and constantly optimize and update imagery, menu information, and other branding details. After updating their website, the restaurant has been able to own and optimize search, social media, and user-review sites such as Yelp and OpenTable.

With the Yext, we have achieved a 30% improvement in the accuracy of local directory listings, resulting in a 40% increase in impressions and a 25% rise in clicks from local customers, and have able to optimize voice-search content, contributed to a 20% increase in organic website traffic from voice searches, leading to a 15% rise in reservations and online orders.

By running the campaign, we have successfully achieved a 20% increase in overall revenue, attributed to increased foot traffic, online orders, and higher average order values.

Monitoring and Measurement Plan:



Through a comprehensive marketing campaign leveraging local business listings and voice-search strategies, the restaurant has successfully increased visibility, generated leads, enhanced customer loyalty, and achieved a higher ROI. At our marketing company, we understand the power of local business listings and voice-search marketing in the restaurant industry.

We are equipped with the expertise to help other restaurants providing Italian Cuisine food optimize their online presence, attract local diners, and achieve outstanding results.

Contact us today to discuss how our expertise in local business listings and voice-search marketing can drive success for your Italian Cuisine restaurant. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business, increase visibility, and establish a strong presence among local customers.

Together, we can create an exceptional dining experience and propel your restaurant to new levels of success.

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